Medium:Mixed media ink on canvas

Size [w x h]:Not recorded - enquire for details

Description:This image and it's implications will disturb some people. In human relationships, an unfortunate psychological recurring event is the damage some otherwise intelligent people incur by projecting their courtship relationship needs as an apparent helplessness, often with cutely weak body language (the dumb blond syndrome or the polite fumbling helpless 'Hugh Grant' male who needs help and nurturing to get by). Inevitably this approach mostly attracts dominant partners and result in relationships that are ultimately damaging, sometimes quite severely. These people often suffer terribly because of a fear that they will not cope without that partner, however punishing. Unfortunately, if the relationship does eventually collapse, those same people seem to use the same courting techniques to attract a new partner, with equally disastrous results. It appears to be a repetitive pattern learned from similar parental behaviour, but our schools still do not attempt to teach relationship or the psychology of balanced behaviour. It is often a mistake, however, to underestimate the power of weakness in the balance of seeking partners, or even resolution in a conflict.