The artist has a great love of playing with the relatively realistic forms of nature he often produces to create new graceful designs with flowing often continuous lines weaving throughout the image, some quite sensual and others bordering on the erotic. These sometimes develop into fascinating colourful oil paintings (such as the "Catwalk" series shown in "Fashion, Vanity & Humour"). In this section also are many examples of abstracted sketches done in jazz dives late at night without adequate light, impressions of the music and atmosphere that often contain actual sketches of well known singers or instrumentalists (Mark Murphy, George Golla, Galapagos Duck, Kerrie Biddell, etc). Most were done in ink or pencil on paper, some now quite fragile or deteriorated with age that varies between very recent or up to 50 years ago. Rather than issue these in their original size on paper in a fragile deteriorated state, they will be produced as a high quality 'Mixed Media' on canvas at a size enlarged to suit the recipient, which is why many drawings are specified as "0 x 0" for their width x height. Subject to the drawing being able to carry the size increase specified, the visual impact of the drawing is increased significantly by being enlarged. These canvases, not being fragile, can be hung without glass or framing on the wall as with an oil painting and the technology guarantees very long life.