The attraction of the nude for artists over centuries is well established; however people are on average both attracted to and afraid of both nude paintings and erotic art in spite of eroticism and sexual imagination both being essential elements in a well balanced personality. Challenging and strongly philosophical in content, many of these paintings are actually a light hearted humorous extension of the "evolutionist" series. Mostly painted from a live model, they are products of the artist’s sensual imagination and huge admiration of the human form; also an acknowledgment of nature’s irrepressibly fecund energy and the important part this plays in relationships. The paintings stress the belief that sexuality is the most powerful driving element within man’s nature, an essential part of man’s creation, desire and fear, possession and generosity, warlike tendencies, compassion and religious suppression. They explore both the joy of responsible loving and the gift of freedom denied to many because society’s more negative introjections often result in repressed behaviour patterns that undermine balanced development. This rejection by people of their own feelings and body parts also rejects any work of art that exceeds their acceptance levels, paralleling their inability to express themselves on matters sexual. By challenging these frequently well entrenched values, these often humorous paintings and drawings celebrate a belief that in all aspects of life, and not just sexual, we have a responsibility to create joy for ourselves, and by doing so responsibly, we contribute to the enjoyment of others and the world in general. For an expanded philosophy on natural nudity, adult sexual imagery, pornography and pedophilia, go to "ART & PAINTING PHILOSOPHY".