Victor Cusack welcomes questions or enquiries on his art works, public or otherwise, so feel free to communicate your questions on:


All originals are sold under Australian Copyright Law whereby the artist retains the copyright and print rights of the original work purchased, and the purchaser does not have the right to produce prints or copies of any painting or sculpture. In the case of paintings and other two dimensional works, Cusack also gives a guarantee that any original will remain unique in that any print of that picture produced by him will definitely be a different size to the original, and will be clearly marked as a print or 'limited edition', acknowledging the original and its distinguishing features.

In the case of etchings or sculpture editions (limited edition bronzes etc) each copy will be numbered together with the size of the edition (eg: 7/10 being the seventh copy of an edition of 10).

Prints of specific pictures or drawings may be available on enquiry (always a different size to the original). Such prints will be supplied as very high quality reproductions on canvas using a similar process to the 'Mixed Media' process, rather than merely prints on paper.