The artist is also a writer (a full member of the Australian Society of Authors), having had two books published and some poetry, some engineering papers, given many scientific papers both published and presented at international conferences (mostly on bamboo, one on mining engineering design). He has also written and is currently writing poems and short stories, plus a recent life philosophy that is very much related to his painting. He is working on a half finished book about his recent ancestral family. As philosophy and writing is an important part of his creative output, he has also used this website as a way of making available a small additional part of his philosophy and writing as follows:
  1. "A Philosophy of Life" (France 2008)
  2. Poem: "Just Now" (1979) Published by Humanist Society Magazine Vol 17, no 11, pg 94
  3. Poem: "Lifesong" (1979)
  4. Poem: "A Meditation" (1993)
  5. Poem: "Musings on Maturity" (1983)
  6. Poem: "The Boundaries of Joy" (1990)
  7. Short story: "The youth"

Victor's published books are:

'BAMBOO WORLD' Simon & Schuster (Aust), 1998, reprinted with 7500 total copies (see the website for critiques).

'BAMBOO REDISCOVERED' Earth Garden Books (reprinted with 20,000 total copies). Obtainable from Earth Garden Aust.

Numerous short TV footage of sculpture shown on ABC TV, Channel 9, and some video material commissioned by local government also exists (not available herein).

Horticultural History: Victor is also the founder of the well known bamboo botanical garden, educational facility, nursery, tissue culture laboratory and edible shoot plantation 'Bamboo World', now located in Northern NSW near Lismore, owned and operated by his son and wife. Victor's associated works in this area include the following scientific papers: