These paintings are the core of Victor’s philosophical works, connecting man inseparably to nature, as a part of rather than superior to or separate from our beautiful world’s environment. Strongly environmental, they reflect the artist’s huge admiration for the beauty of nature, rainforest, ocean and the human form. They also mirror the overwhelming power and beauty of nature and genetics. In different ways these current paintings explore the frailty of the ‘human condition’; our evolution and our connection to the continuum of all organic matter, stressing the spiritual awareness that all humanity degrades into the same elemental compost as all other flora and fauna to again become recreated as part of new life forms. In effect, this is reflecting man’s struggle to live with and rationalise his impact, belief systems and varied religious inventiveness on our planet Earth and our fellow creatures.

Nature is huge and includes the visual, the microscopic, the unseen and genetic, and is unbelievably beautiful.

Nature is all powerful, is far beyond the ability of humans to ever fully understand, and surpasses all else.

Nature's beauty, complexity and power dwarfs man's diverse fumbling attempts to create religions or describe ‘God’.

Humanity is a part of Nature, a very small relatively unimportant part, even minuscule in this earth’s time, let alone that of other galaxies.