EROTIC PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS (adult supervision please)

As stated in “Nudes and Sensual Paintings” artists have been attracted towards nude painting for centuries; however people are on average both attracted to and afraid of both nude paintings and erotic art in spite of eroticism and sexual imagination both being essential elements in a well balanced personality. These works are products of the artist’s sensual imagination and huge admiration of the human form, but also the gift of freedom of choice often denied because society’s more negative introjections frequently results in repressed behaviour patterns that undermine balanced development. This rejection by people of their own feelings and body parts also rejects their ability to appreciate any work of art that exceeds their acceptance levels, paralleling their inability to express themselves on matters sexual. By challenging these frequently well entrenched values, these often humorous paintings and drawings celebrate a belief that in all aspects of life (not just sexual aspects), we have a responsibility to create joy for ourselves, and by doing so responsibly, we contribute to the enjoyment of others and the world in general. Pornography has the single purpose, sometimes unilaterally dangerous, of titillating sexual desire. Erotic art serves a dual purpose, not just to stir the sexual imagination, but to do so with the added element of beauty, elegance, a creative element that lifts it above the purely sexual element, but only for those who have evolved to acquire responsible freedom of thought and open minds. For an expanded philosophy on natural nudity, adult sexual imagery, pornography and pedophilia, go to "ART & PAINTING PHILOSOPHY".